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What do our patient say?

” I’ve been using Dr nataraj for more than 20 year’s and have always been very happy with him and the allergy shots have been truly life changing. I work outside with trees and grass and have terrible allergies to all pollen from most trees ,grasses and weeds which made me absolutely miserable,constantly sneezing and itching my skin and eyes. After building up my immunity I am able to work outside comfortably. I highly recommend this office and Dr. “


What do our patient say?

” Dr. Nataraj is very helpful and kind. I went without insurance just before my new job started with insurance and they charged me very little. Dr. Nataraj is easy to understand, doesn’t make you wait forever, and explains things very well. He is concerned with your overall health and makes sure your medications don’t conflict. The allergy skin test can be brutal, but that’s not their fault! They do give you benadryl afterwards though 🙂 “


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